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We design and implement workforce development strategies that help your employees acquire the skills and knowledge they need to effectively perform their roles. We recognize that time away from the job is difficult to manage, that people learn best by doing, and that management support is essential to successful development. We follow a development framework that integrates experiential development, peer-to-peer learning, and formal training. We can help you create and deploy development tools that employees can independently use and easily access at a time that is most convenient for them. We will also work with your managers to show how they can support employee development efforts while keeping the business running.

Our workforce development efforts focus on helping you develop solutions to the following questions:

  • What are the biggest knowledge and skills gaps, and how can we close them?

  • What are the current barriers to workforce development and retention? How can we overcome them?

  • What are we doing now, and what should we be doing in the future, to retain our most valuable employees?

  • How do we encourage and support new skills and knowledge development when our employees are busy and time away from the job is difficult to manage?

  • What can we do to build a culture that values and supports continuous learning?

Workforce Development

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